About Us “@831”

@831 is a community driven platform created by Digital NEST, with the objective to take Watsonville based small business to all the Santa Cruz County customers through digital transformation.


Beyond being just a source for agricultural products, Watsonville is a community of hard working citizens in the country have seen their business impacted by the pandemic and have had to develop new strategies to survive.


@831’s goal is to provide all these business owners with the tools to grow their digital literacy and resources to help their business thrive. At the core of our model, local young adults from Digital NEST are the ones in charge of this transformation, acting as specialized consultants.


Through one to one mentoring and consulting, they will be the bridge between their community and the unexplored digital world. We are looking forward to make a huge impact on our community, and take the best of our city to the entire County, as we all are bound by a number: (831).